Dots to Lines is all “Vibrant Hand Crafted Art Designed Creatively”. It was  started by the two of us (my mother and me) Sunila Mahajan and Aditi Mahajan.

An idea took wings as a home decor business. Our love and passion for art and craft become our bread and butter. With different career backgrounds and having done various things prior to this, Dots to Lines was a big risk for us.

It does take a lot of courage and persistence to leave pleasures of a comfortable job and begin something on your own. But we had it in us and our family has been more than supportive in this venture.

Through our journey, we have progressed, developed and our style has evolved. We integrate various techniques into creating our products. Mixed Media Art and Decoupage are our specialities. We create unique designs and it is difficult to have two of the same pieces also. Freshness in colours and designs to add that extra zing to any space is what we look forward to.

We are avid craft bloggers and are a part of various Art/Craft Design Teams. We enjoy scrapbooking, album making, mixed media layout, tags, card making, canvas art, home decor projects and altered projects.

Every day is a new challenge but we love it. We are always motivated to create something new, explore new art and craft forms, use new tools and the key lies in the smile our customers have every time they hold our product in their hand.