Tuesday Inspirations

Today was quite a gloomy day! Morning was like evening and the rains didn’t seem to stop!

Before we started working we happened to read this “Some Days You Have To Create Your Own Sunshine”.. And we knew it! We have to create this!

So yes, with this quote we created a mixed media canvas. It inspired us and we hope this inspires you too, to go chase your dreams!

Happy Week:-)!

FullSizeRender 12

Napkin Holder Tutorial

Hello guys!

We are back again with another tutorial for you’ll. This time we have designed a napkin/serviette holder…. something that every house has! We had French Vintage in our mind while creating this.

We have used a MDF napkin holder as our base.

FullSizeRender 10

First, we primed our base with Fine Art Artist’s Gesso.

FullSizeRender 6

For this project, we chose a decoupage napkin. We cut out pieces that we wanted to use and separated the first ply with the rest. (A napkin usually is 3 ply and the design is on the top most ply only)

We then stuck the pieces one by one onto our base using Plaid’s Matte Mod Podge.

Once dry, we trimmed the excess on the sides and chose our acrylic colours for this project. Using acrylic paints we added colour and blended the napkin holder. We then painted inside the napkin holder and the base with a shade that would bring about depth.

We left it to dry and then stamped it with a French Script stamp and black Archival Ink to add to the vintage look. After 24 hours, we gave another coat of mod podge. We then cured it for two days after which we wood varnished it. Here is our final piece.


Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and are looking forward to making this yourself:-)!


Furniture all the way!

Apart from our usual home decor products, we decided to design furniture!And the results have been brilliant!

So now we are open to orders. If you have an old, worn out, boring piece of furniture, give it to us and we will revamp it into a fresh piece.

We won’t just create any piece, but a piece of furniture with love to match your decor and that you’ll love using.

We can work on tables, trunks, ladders, anything that has a good surface for us to design.

Florals and vintage are a must this season :-)!



Our range

Many people have been asking us what our product range is. So we thought why not talk about that.

We proudly say that at Dots to Lines, we cater to most of your home decor needs. We create things with love and vibrance. From tea coasters to table mats; from wall clocks to wall art; from tissue box holders to storage boxes; from serving trays to memo boards; from napkin holders to organisers; from decorative bottles to key rings; from potpourri  boxes to notebooks; from visiting card holders to cutlery caddy’s; and cup cake stands…. we have it all! To beat it all each product is a multi-purpose one, so I might use it to hold my nik-nacks while you might want to hold your tea bags in a box :-)! This versatility of our product makes it even more awesome!

Our USP is that we create one piece of each design, and hence no two people can have

the same clock/tray unless requested. We usually make multiple pieces of a design on order. Thus, when people say “can you give me a fresh piece?” we only smile :-)! All our pieces our fresh!

Keeping in mind the current trends we design our products. Floral and birds are doing good this season!

Our love for colour, art and craft reflects in each product.

What are you waiting for? Order with us right away:-)!

IMG_5152dots to lines logo

Special Jewellery Box

Its tough to have your jewellery maintained and have it all at one place. Sometimes we get late looking for that one missing earring from a pair. And we can’t stop looking as thats a perfect match for the attire.

What’s better than having a jewellery box that hold everything in one place? Having it customised is!

Yes, we now customise bigger jewellery boxes that come with partitions and ample space to hold your nik-nacks.   It is also a perfect gift, with a personal touch.

Happy Shopping!

Quirky Wall Art

Everybody loves to have something on their walls. A room sometimes can be spiced up with just one wall art.

We went a step ahead created these mixed media pieces that you can hang in you room, office, cubicle, or place them on a desk against a wall. We added an inspiration to it so every time you see it you feel bouncy and full of pep.

We also customise, in case you have an inspiration that you want us to put or a particular size to fit your perfect wall.

Funky Journals

So, these days people are crazy about journaling, writing, doodling, colouring and much more. It is good, it helps release stress and during these times where its all about introspection and karma it works like magic.

Keeping this in mind, we designed a series of journals/notebooks. Each one has a theme and we have laid down our inspiration behind designing it inside. The books come with ruled and unruled pages; and the ruled pages have a twist, they come with dotted lines.

Royalty, Mystery, Serenity, Dream or Passion, grab any or all and kickstart your imagination…










Multi-Purpose Box Tutorial


Welcome to our first tutorial. Today you’ll learn to make a multi-purpose box. With the festival season nearing this also makes for a great gift.

We have used MDF as a base. It is multi-purpose as it can be used to hold your trinkets, cosmetics, important cards or paper, serviettes, tea bags and much more.


We have used Papericious- Ephemera collection for this project. Two sheets have been used, one for the top and one for the sides. Based of the  measurements we have cut the four pieces required.


Next we added detail to our sides. Using a clear stamp and versamark ink pad we stamped an image. We used a butterfly floral composition for our box. We used Lindy’s two tone embossing powder and heat embossed the image.



Using Plaid Matte Mod Podge we then stuck all the paper pieces to our box. We did this in stages to let two sides dry before sticking the rest.

FullSizeRender 8


Once the paper was dry, we decided to add detail to the lid. Using a stencil and MontMarte Modelling paste we created a texture. We used Lindy’s starburst mist spray to add colour to our texture and left it to dry.

FullSizeRender 6


Our composition turned out to have shades of pink and purple and hence we decided to use those two shades of acrylic colours to paint our box.

FullSizeRender 5


After the paint dried, we gave another coat of mod podge to the paper sides.

To finish it off, we used Papericious-Ephemera die cut sentiment- ‘Moments’, Boutique elements – Flower, leaves and butterfly, and two shades of pink stones. We gave another coat of mod podge on the paper areas and left it to cure for two days. We then wood varnished it to complete it.



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and are on your way to create your own master piece!