Happy Client, Happy Us

While we were on our vacation in Delhi we were at work too. We got a couple of orders for table layouts. Today two of our clients have sent us images of their table layout where our mats have been used. Happy to have pleased them with our product yet again :-)!


Hope you’ll love our mats as much as they and we do!



Your Need, Our Creation

This is a while ago.

We were approached by a corporate client asking us to make something for their team members. It was meant to be a reward/ appreciation in different categories to be given during team meetings. They gave us the broad categories of Leadership, Hard working, Punctual, Thinking out of the box and Organised.

This is what we designed.

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Our client and all their team members loved these rewards. These little trophies can be kept on their desk and they can feel free to carry them in their pockets as well :-)!


The Beginning

Finally! We are all set with our blog and are more than excited about it. It took us a while to get this going.

Today we are going to share our new product with you’ll.

Memo/Reminder Board

The most useful item in any house is a post-it notepad. To make a note of the to-do list, shopping list, phone number, a message, etc.. we all hunt for tiny writing pads.

Incorporating this we have created this product. A cute tiny little chopping board has been converted into a memo board.

We have used MDF as our base. Designed it and made it colourful and bright. Added a post it notepad and a pen and voila, a master piece! We have used common post-it notes which you can easily replace. This board can either be hung, or stuck to any magnetic surface or be placed flat on the table to suit any of your requirements:-)!

Enjoy using it! Happy Shopping :-)!