StencilGirl Monochromatic Rainbow BlogHop



We have a fun blog hop at StecnilGirl® Blog.

The theme for the hop is Monochromatic Rainbow and our colour is Gold.  We decided to create a mixed media round canvas. Here’s a look at the canvas:

StencilGirl Blog Hop Sunila Mahajan Aditi Mahajan

Before we share the process of the canvas, here are the details about the blog hop.

Check out all the wonderful artworks in our Creative Team Monochromatic Rainbow Hop:

Shel Cee – Violet

Peg Robinson – Purple

Sue Plumb – Blue

Linda Edkins Wyatt – Green

Jennifer Gallager – Yellow

Claudia Neubacher – Orange

Carol Baxter – Red

Sunila Mahajan & Aditi Mahajan – Gold ***You are here***

Natalie May – White/Black

Debi Adams – Indigo

Comment on the blogs for your chance to win one of the $25 gift certificates for

Contest ends April 27, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Central Time USA. Winners will be contacted via email the 28th.


Our Process

  1. Cover the canvas with black gesso. IMG_2536
  2.  Use the first stencil and spray gold colour through it. All products used are listed at the end.


  3. Choose another stencil, and using a sponge dabber go in with gold acrylic paint. IMG_2545
  4. Pick out another stencil, and add some gold texture paste through it. This adds depth and dimension to the background.


  5. Stamp the focal image and colour it. Pick out elemets for layering, chipboards, diecuts, flowers,etc. We used lindy’s magicals, shakers and sprays to colour everything.


  6. Adhere, all the elements as per the composition you like. Finish it with glitter and a quote/sentiment. IMG_2781

We wrote a little poem inspired by this:

The Dandelion Fields

Golden and warm-

So were the

Dandelion fields.

Striking and blazing,

That every passerby

Stopped to see them.

Elegant and ethereal,

Was the Dandelion girl

The one who lived in them.

Glistening and glittering,

When the sun shone,

She rose amidst them all.

Swift and rhythmic-

With every move of hers,

Our hearts danced and raced.

Singing and humming

To the little robin,

The one who nested on her shoulder.

She spoke of stories

That we’d never heard before.

Blossoming and spiralling,

She wore them dandelions

On her body and her crown.

Daffodils and dahlias

Enveloping her hair and wings,

Swayed, as the wind brushed her skin.

And with that, her seeds blew

Leaving her bare.

But with the blink of an eye

She was whole again.

And so all we knew was

Wish upon the dandelion girl

For she has the power

To blossom again.

Here are some more pictures:

Stencilgirl Blog Hop Sunila Mahajan Aditi Mahajan Dots to Lines Lindy's 2

Stencilgirl Blog Hop Sunila Mahajan Aditi Mahajan Dots to Lines Lindy's 3Stencilgirl Blog Hop Sunila Mahajan Aditi Mahajan Dots to Lines Lindy's 4Stencilgirl Blog Hop Sunila Mahajan Aditi Mahajan Dots to Lines Lindy's 5Stencilgirl Blog Hop Sunila Mahajan Aditi Mahajan Dots to Lines Lindy's 6Stencilgirl Blog Hop Sunila Mahajan Aditi Mahajan Dots to Lines Lindy's 7

Supplies used:

  • Black gesso
  • Rounds canvas
  • Stencils StencilGirl- L706, SC-08-2018, L475
  • Acrylic paint – metal liquor gold rush
  • Cadence relief paste gold
  • Lindy’s sprays- Golden sleigh bells, grab a guy gold, bayou boogie gold; Squirts- poutine gold; magicals- Glory of the seas gold, bayou boogie gold: magical shaker- glittering gold, grab a guy gold, antique gold
  • Chipboard- ScrapBox -HH041, Kora -CE 2374, 2193, 2145
  • Assorted flowers
  • Art basics glitter- luminous
  • 13 arts gold hologram glitter
  • Tag creator with gold tape
  • Black archival ink
  • Prima princess STELLA stamp

74 thoughts on “StencilGirl Monochromatic Rainbow BlogHop

  1. Carlotta Holman says:

    Your choice of stencils and layering made for a perfect background. The various shades of gold are an excellent example of how a single color can create depth and contrast. Tfs

    Liked by 1 person

  2. diana K stone says:

    I love this piece, sucker for black and gold and the poem is wonderful with it. I also really appreciate your simple instruction and project list. Might just try it! thanks you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bernie Ryan says:

    Gold is tricky – too much of a good thing and it’s hard to look at. However, you have done a masterful job. This piece is so gorgeous and interesting. Everywhere I looked, I saw more and more of the interesting details. Very well done! And thank you for the detailed instructions.

    Liked by 1 person

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