Workshop Alert

Hello amigos!

After a lot of pestering and requests from our family, friends and clients, we are starting our art and craft classes! Yes, you heard it right :-)! But these are not just any classes, they are going to be specialised decoupage classes. This means that you could chose what technique you want to learn and take back a finished product using that technique.

The various techniques we are teaching are-

1. Crackle Effect- Learn a 4″x4″ box with either country crackle effect or egg-shell crackle effect using a napkin/rice paper.
2. Blending Technique- Learn a caddy using napkin/rice paper and blending with paints/stamps/stencils.
3. Lace Effect- Learn to design a Tray/Place-mat with the lace effect and napkin/rice paper.
4. Die-Cut & Emboss- Learn to design a small trinket box using the techniques of die-cutting and embossing paper.
5. Patterned-Paper Decoupage- Learn to design a family tissue box holder using patterned-paper
6. Napkin Decoupage- Learn to design a set of coasters using a single napkin.

We will soon introduce a few mixed-media classes as well! So wait up!

Meanwhile, for further details and bookings please feel free to get in touch with us.
You can message us on facebook-, email us @





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