Napkin Holder Tutorial

Hello guys!

We are back again with another tutorial for you’ll. This time we have designed a napkin/serviette holder…. something that every house has! We had French Vintage in our mind while creating this.

We have used a MDF napkin holder as our base.

FullSizeRender 10

First, we primed our base with Fine Art Artist’s Gesso.

FullSizeRender 6

For this project, we chose a decoupage napkin. We cut out pieces that we wanted to use and separated the first ply with the rest. (A napkin usually is 3 ply and the design is on the top most ply only)

We then stuck the pieces one by one onto our base using Plaid’s Matte Mod Podge.

Once dry, we trimmed the excess on the sides and chose our acrylic colours for this project. Using acrylic paints we added colour and blended the napkin holder. We then painted inside the napkin holder and the base with a shade that would bring about depth.

We left it to dry and then stamped it with a French Script stamp and black Archival Ink to add to the vintage look. After 24 hours, we gave another coat of mod podge. We then cured it for two days after which we wood varnished it. Here is our final piece.


Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and are looking forward to making this yourself:-)!


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